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At Santech Energy, we have designed models and approaches to support our clients in the business of water supply, water treatment and waste.

We our conscious of the ever-increasing growth in the world’s population, which puts pressure on the water needs, infrastructures and waste management of cities and Government across the world.

We support both private and Government players in this eco-chain to deliver clean water, manage wastes at reduced costs.


Santech Energy provides a wide range of solutions for our clients in the business of hydropower generation, transmission, and distribution. Our services cuts across procurements, supply, facility designs for new plants and redesigns for old plants. We also help execute, control, monitor and commission projects, having in mind the business impact and disaster recovery plans for end users.

With operational excellence at the core of our hydro power projects, our team of professionals have decades of experience in all aspects of hydro power production – from initial studies to design, management, construction, installation, maintenance, operation, and training. We help manage new and old facilities, in a lean way to reduce cost and increase affordability for our clients and end users.


Electrical Power


Renewable Energy




At Santech Energy, we have designed and deployed programs to make subsea projects more profitable, productive, and sustainable. Whether your needs are unmanned subsea vehicles, pipeline installations, rotors and assemblies, our subsea team at Santech Energy got you covered. We deliver the best tools, with highest quality and operational times for clients. We have designed reusable feeds and subsea systems that are resilient and tolerant to different bodies of water.  If you are looking to install procure, install, and maintain subsea systems safely and affordably, Santech Energy is your best bet.

FEED Design

We offer an integrated Front End Engineering Design capability that is unmatched by our peers in the industry. Our FEED delivers full engineering solutions at the lowest costs while assuring value-driven, operational, and engineering services. Our team incorporate cost-saving capabilities and high-quality products, that match the terrain and meets the resilience requirements of our clients.

Subsea Systems

With experience in providing subsea services and processing systems, our team at Santech have developed the needed expertise in the provision of subsea processing systems to our clients. Our services cover operations in brown and green field operations, with the result of improving production and by extension the recoverable reserves.

Some of our solutions includes boosting and compression solutions, unmanned subsea vehicles, liners, and subsea robotics. We have a track-record of providing quality well control solutions and techniques, that have reduced operational cost and non-productive times. Based on our expertise, we have redefined the economics of subsea intervention projects. Our team is known for design and development of subsea systems such as rigid and flexible tubulars/pipelines, connections, umbilical, and tie-ins for subsea operations. Santech subsea team provides innovative technology, strengthens the integrity of assets and processes to the benefit of our clients.