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We have a team of project managers and engineers with decades of expert experience in capital project management and delivery. With the ever-increasing risks and challenges that most capital projects pose, our professionals have the requisite field and management experience, to control project risks and deliver projects to client requirements, on time and on budget.

Equipped with the right people and tools, we manage capital projects from initiation, planning, execution, controls, and delivery phases.

Our core actions include concept engineering, initiation, requirements gathering/detailed engineering, procurements, construction, and commissioning. Our project managers and engineers are always mindful of the safety and quality requirements our projects demand.

Our team of experts are knowledgeable in project management approaches such as costing and scheduling baselines—used to control the project and keep it on time and on budget.


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We have developed and implemented software engineering for our clients in adopting a new model of agility, to overcome organizational and operational challenges. This model covers from execution and development, self-organizing and cross-functional teams—sometimes extending to suppliers, customers, and end users’ collaboration to create and continually refine requirements and solutions.

Globally, the use of agile methods in capital projects is gaining momentum and widely being adopted. Our clients and some other early adopters have reduced wastes and failures from capital expenditures and increased productivity, through early project completion times.

The potential for agile to transform capital-project governance process is a clear indication that Santech Energy, is a leader in proven industry agility that works. Digital technology is disrupting capital project governance system, with companies wanting to do more with less, it means we must be ready to do things differently to satisfy our clients. Santech Energy is always ready to serve you better, first time, every time!