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Our automation and controls solution covers a wide range of services and sectors, designed to improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime, prevent breakdown and, keep operations steady and stable. Our plant control and automation technologies help our clients reduce cost and improve their operational performance.

We have enterprise solution software and automated controls that guarantees system integrity and reliability for internal and external operations. Our automated assets are digitally designed to help collect data from our hardware and software systems to help our clients make informed decisions.


At Santech, we design, procure, supply, and maintain robotic equipment such as ROVs and manipulator arms. Our robotic technology is for onshore and offshore (including deep water) operational transformation, to increase efficiency and productivity.

Our team also provide after purchase services to our clients at cost-effective rates. We design and manufacture our robotic equipment with ease of operation and maintenance as top priorities, while providing safe, efficient, and effective operational solutions.


Electrical Power


Renewable Energy




At Santech Energy, we support organizations to achieve their strategic and operational objectives.  We know that for our clients, early arrival of products to the market is key for meeting strategic goals.

We work to Fastrack product delivery to market, with the right quality and the requisite specifications to meet clients and end user’s satisfaction. We educate and support our clients to design systems and processes that inspire the customer and determine how to best automate scale up process.

Transmission & Distribution

`At Santech Energy, we provide advisory services to players in the utility service industry and all their associated stakeholders, technology providers, suppliers, and financial investors. Our support begins from the business case, to project initiation planning, execution, controls and monitoring, and commissioning. We Help evaluate critical asset needs and help formulate strategic delivery plans. We are also on ground for project management support, across the project management phases, to deliver quality results that meet our clients’ strategic requirements.


At Santech we provide services covering the entire upstream, midstream, and downstream value chain. From delivering services in the onshore and shallow waters, to helping deliver custom made projects in the midstream (gas facilities and transportation), to helping deliver projects at the downstream edge of the energy sector, closest to end users.  Our goal is to help our clients deliver projects on time, within budget and on/under schedule.


At Santech we have the capacity to help our clients acquire and assemble a state of the art, ultra-modern vessels, and large vehicles at industrial scale. We have a team of experienced fleet managers, to help our clients make the right decisions on what unit is right for them and overseeing the execution of safe and affordable operations for our clients in their operations.

We have a track record of preventive maintenance, we also extend our services to maintenance of docks, and upgrades where necessary. We provide onshore and offshore fleet management and maintenance services for our clients.