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At Santech, we deploy innovative technologies to meet the unique challenges that our clients face. Depending on the needs of our clients, we can design, develop, and deploy software tools that matches clients’ requirements, within budget and on schedule. Our tools and equipment are designed to operate under varying conditions and geography.

We also supply equipment for multi-variant projects, across different industry and sectors. Our team of engineers are committed to continuous improvement and have designed systems and products that have delivered for our clients and continue to meet their daily challenges.

We believe in sustainability and our products are designed to be environmentally friendly, with very impressive maintainability value, which ultimately reduces the capital and operating expenditures of our clients in the long term.

We are reliable when it comes to the supply of industrial, manufacturing, chemicals, utilities, equipment, and tools, which covers several industries. We also supply pressure pumping equipment, separation systems, chokes, and measurement solutions to help our clients achieve their objectives.


Electrical Power


Renewable Energy



Integrated Systems

We have designed, developed, and deployed integrated systems with security at the heart of our solutions. We deliver digital interfaces that meet clients’ requirements but also delivers on our digital integrity brand of security, availability, and maintainability, which reduces failures of hardware and software, that makes our systems safe and cost-effective. We employ the use of AI and machine learning to precisely predict usable and dependable solutions for our clients. We automate tasks and processes by limiting human interaction and interference in zones of safety concerns.

Downtime & Accident Prevention Capabilities

We have harnessed the technology at our disposal to develop digital platforms and tools that allow us to reduce workers exposure in the process of carrying out their tasks.

Regardless of the environment, the schedule and budget allocation, we do not compromise on the safety of our employees. For cases where we need tasks to be automated to limit workers exposure to harm, we do that, putting our workers safety first. 

We have deployed a range of unmanned remotely operated equipment for our clients making use of our proprietary software and digital interface, that helped reduced their nonproductive time due to incidents.